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lover of roadtrips, indie playlists + chickfila
// 100% obsessed with my dog

Here I go - I am engaged to my best friend, Camden. We met on Tinder and I GHOSTED HIM!! 2.5 years later, I texted him out of no where and we quickly became insupportable. We live together in my dream apartment in my hometown with our 2 pups, Milo and Joey. In my free time, I am doing something related to this business baby that I have here. I love my job so dang much and I thank God every single day for this amazing life. Some random word vomit things about me - I love animals more than anything so when I can, I volunteer at shelters or donate. I am an enneagram type 5w4 so I am always down for an adventure or a super deep conversation. One of my favorite things to do is road trip. I love gas station food and true crime podcasts. (MSDGM am i right?) I have made some of my closest friends and best memories by having crazy life experiences thousands of miles from home. I collect tattoos, with the exception of 2, for different places I go that have changed my life. My favorite is the coordinates on my arm from Dublin that you can see scattered across my site. My favorite person in the world is my grandmother and if I had to choose a song that best describes me as a person, it would be Mind over Matter (in the open) by Young the Giant.

52.9349°N , -9.4692°W

xoxo Peyton



Okay so you heard about me, it's your turn.

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if my life had a theme song it would be

one thing i am shamelessly obsessed with

tv character I relate to the most

Mind over matter (in the open) by Young the Giant

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David from Schitt's Creek

When dogs wear sweaters in the winter

Hiking adventure in the middle of your wedding day

Chick fila, dear lord - it's crack

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Blog Launching Soon

TBD 2020

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