I'm Peyton! I'm a wedding photographer based in Atlanta. I am a travel addict with NO intention of recovery, a dog mama to my 4 year old Red Merle Aussie, Milo, AND a passionate lover of cheese in all forms. On weekends you can find me barefoot, hanging with my dog and planning my next trip to Europe.

My Netflix cue is full of super heros and magicians cause I am a FANNN of make believe. I used to work on movie sets before I found love in the outdoors which turns out to be a cool thing to say at parties. 

Some controversial opinions I have: 
· Teleportation is the best super power
· There was plenty of room on that door for Jack
· Adults should have themed birthday parties
· Life is too short to settle



I'd tell you that I am a people person. I LOVE people - talking, hanging out, listening and learning from anyone and everyone I can. I am that person who will walk to your campsite, offer you a beer and listen to your life story. That's why planning called to me so strongly- I get to be involved in a life changing moment in sooo many couples lives. What's better then that?

If I were to pick ONE thing you needed to know about me..

my love, milo

Eating Chick Fila
On a Roadtrip
At Target
With my family

Enjoying patio drinks
Waiting for Fall
Rescuing dogs
At Panera

Paddle Boarding
Walking my Pup
In Europe

In my spare time you can find me

already ready to meet irl?

I've been a full time photographer shooting exclusively weddings, elopements, destination weddings and couples for almost 5 years. In that time, I learned soo much about weddings and elopements that I could write books about it. I've been featured on wedding blogs such as Dirty Boots and Messy Hair, Authentic Love Mag, and Unscripted Posing App.

Why you need me as your photographer

I'm qualified, I swear

Along with that, I have planned many elopements in Asheville and although I no longer offer that service, I have the resources! All to say - I've got your back. 

You should feel nothing but confidence, beauty, love, and the happiest person in the whole fknn world on your wedding day—and then let me help you feel it again in your wedding photos.

If you haven't heard, I have a TEAM of photographers and videographers who work with me! This allows me to take on more beautiful weddings with ease. Get to know Rebekah and Hayle in the link below! 

My team