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What is an Intimate Wedding / Elopement?

An intimate wedding is pretty much what it sounds like. It is a wedding that is smaller than a traditional wedding but also completely centered around you and your relationship. They are also known as elopements - some common myths about elopements /intimate wedding is that is strictly only for the two of you, it HAS to be a destination, and it is a lesser wedding. HECK NOOOOOO!! 

See below WHY you should have an intimate wedding. 

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Okay, I am completely biased because I LOVE intimate weddings! If the idea of a bigger wedding stresses you out having to plan all the details, spend a ton of money for a day of celebration, or you are struggling with narrowing down the guest list, i think this could be a great option for you. Intimate weddings can be celebrated in nature, at a venue or in your backyard! It allows you to spend more time with your love ones and truly do whatever you want. In the past, I have had couples do a slip and slide, go on a hike, have a destination wedding, or even do an intimate dinner party with family where it turns into a game night.

If you are interested in hearing how a intimate wedding can work for you, please shoot me a message and let's get on the phone to chat! 

Benefits of having an Intimate Wedding / Elopement

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Why you should go with a photographer who specializes in Intimate Weddings

A common myth about intimate weddings is that they are a lesser wedding day and that cannot be further from the truth. Intimate wedding days, to me, are equal if not more special because it is in a more intimate settling where the entire day - start to finish - is centered around you. So why not have a photographer that understands how special that is? 

My favorite way to be involved, is to provide resources and encouragement. I know that it is most likely your first time planning a wedding and there isn't a ton of resources on the internet for planning a unique wedding day, so HEY let me help ya. Beside my blog that is packed FULL of facts and ideas for you to channel, I will also provide 1 on 1 help and advice to make sure the day is realistic for your lifestyle and also just as crazy as your relationship. I hate seeing couples who have to settle - think about that. Settling on your wedding day?? No thank you. Let's dress to the 9's and go eat pizza or travel somewhere super dreamy or simply your home town OR let's have a freakin slip and slide and have a blast. Your day can be literally anything you want and I don't think I can stress that enough. 

If any of this even sparked a little bit of interest in you, reach out! Let's have a conversation about you with no strings attached. I can provide you with more personalized resources and we can start planning your dream wedding day. 

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See Some Intimate / Elopement Weddings I have done before 

Asheville , NC

Hoh Rainforest, WA

Chattanooga, TN

horseshoe bend. az

denver, co

seattle, wa

salt lake city, ut

seattle, wa

dahlonaga, ga

asheville, nc

sand dunes, ut

big cottonwood canyon, ut

miami fl
savannah ga
treasure island
tulum mexico
berlin germany

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