Boho Elopement in Joshua Tree National Park | California Intimate Wedding

In April I took a last minute trip to one of my favorite places on Earth – Joshua Tree, California. I went on the trip with 3 other photographers and spent a total of 48 hours in the whole state but let me tell you how it went. Upon arriving to Palm Springs, I met up with a good friend Luke where almost immediately we headed to a wind farm near the airport. We met a couple, Noah & Kate for a quick session and headed to our airbnb. We then met up with Rylee and Kacey to shoot a sunrise session and a sunset session the next day! That is where we met Chelsea & Andrew.

Chelsea and Andrew met the 4 of us at an airbnb nestled right next to the entrance of the park. The airbnb was featured in Vogue and you can find the link here. We ended up doing a cute little bridal session with them before C & A jumped into the hot tub for sunset. It was such an adventure being in Cali for 48 hours but SO WORTH IT. These will forever be my favorite photos.


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