What To Do With Your Wedding Photos AFTER The Wedding

Hey friends!

One of the SADDEST things I see happen after recieving your wedding photos is letting them sit on your computer screen. YOUR PHOTOS DESERVE SO MUCH MORE THEN TO STAY ON YOUR COMPUTER. So I decided to step in – here is my top ways to make the most of your wedding photos and display them in your home!


Seriously – back them up twice! Once you receive your online gallery from me, you will have about 60 days until the gallery link expires. I will keep the photos on my own drive guaranteed for up to a year but there is a fee to re-upload them to the gallery delivery software. I recommend when backing them up at your house to save them to a USB. USB’s are amazing (I recommend SanDisk) because they are easily recoverable through a data recovery place if something were to go wrong. I do recommend saving the photos to 2 drives in case one corrupts or gets lost.

#2: Print your photos off to hang around the house!

Did you know through your album link, you can also purchase prints? Go to the top where it says “Sneak Peeks” and scroll until you see “Shop” Click on that link and explore the shop!

I 10000% recommend purchasing prints from a professional print shop instead of going to Walgreens. I know it is a little more expensive but the phrase “you get what you pay for” truly applies in this situation. You paid thousands of dollars to receive beautiful wedding photos and they truly deserve the best. To read more about Professional Labs vs Walgreens click HERE.

#3: Create an album (my favorite)

Using that same gallery link you can create a custom album of your wedding photos! This is a big one cause who doesn’t love seeing themselves GLAMMED in a book on the coffee table to brag about? I mean imagine guest coming over and seeing the most amazing day of your life and reliving it with you. These are my favorite cause it does feel like a whole experience to hold your wedding album in your hands.

I love the album company that Pic-time runs through because they are truly the best in the business. The pages are clean and thick to avoid bending or tears. The album is also completely customizable to the photos you want, colors of the binding, and any phrases or photos you want on the front. The shipping is usually about a week with an option to overnight the album to you. Here are some photos of albums by the company:

#4: Create Thank you notes for your guests

This one is optional but I want to include it so I can hype up my FAVORITE stationary print company Moo.com. I adore this company cause it is the BEST quality, fast delivery times and the customer service is INSANE!! They have next day delivery and free shipping on orders $40+

Enjoy friends!!! 🙂


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