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boho backyard wedding in nasheville tennessee

You only have one wedding day so make it the most kick ass, exciting and wildy authentic experience of your lives..

… And then let us capture it.

Hmm okay.. but Peyton

What the heck does ‘associate’ mean?

According to Google, an associate is “A partner or colleague in business or at work” .. which is literally what it is. I have always aimed to be more then just a photographer for my couples. I recognize the importance of capturing a wedding day as intimate, fun and tear filled as it was on the day. When I set out to expand my team, I immediately knew I needed a team that shared that same mindset. After weeks of interviews, years of friendship and HOURS of shooting alongside each other – I have found the all around best photographers to capture your wedding day.

Captured by Rebekah

How Does it Work?

Browse Our Packages & Options

The pricing for my associates is the same as if you were to shoot with me. You can find all the info on my Investment Page. Browse around and see which package and options work for you 🙂

Choose Your Photographer

All my my associates posses these qualities before I made the decision to add them to my website — First they are all personal friends of mine! Some of them have even been on long trips to Europe with me so I trust them with my life. Second, they all have worked multiple weddings along side me and for me. When I tell you these ladies are talented, I mean it. You can browse their bio’s and galleries on their profiles below:

Meet Rebekah

Rebekah eloped with her husband David last year in Texas! She is a dog and cat mama to her babies Mayla & Geentar. She’s a traveler at heart and just got back from a tour of Europe!

Meet Surita

Surita eloped with her husband, David, in Cleveland GA. She is a mama to two kiddos and a passion for family, food and drinks with a view.

Start the Booking Process

To put this in short words: I will be your primary contact plus editing and delivery of your gallery! Surita and Rebekah will just be there on the day to capture the photos 🙂

The long version: Once you inquire, I will send you the booking info and we’ll start planning together! I will still be the one in primary communication (aka sending you questionnaires, timelines, ect). You absolutely can opt to have your engagement session done by Rebekah or Surita however, I will probably be one capturing your engagement session as well! You will receive the sneak peeks and final gallery like normal.

Rebekah & Surita will have access to all of our emails and questionnaires to be on the same page as us as well as being updated constantly by me. We will schedule a video call before the wedding so you guys can meet, ask questions and get to know each other! You will their contact info prior to the wedding if you do wish to say hey.


Q: What will the editing on the photos look like?

A: They will look the same as the rest of my site and the blog. I will still be the one editing your gallery and delivering it to you.

Q: What is the turn around time?

A: You will receive sneak peeks within 48 hours and the full gallery within 6 -8 weeks!

Q: Will I be able to meet them before the wedding?

A: Yes! We will have a video call before hand to go over all the info. If you want a more hands on meeting with them prior, let me know! Everyone lives in the greater ATL area.

Ready to Meet Your Photographer?


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