Hi! My name is Hayle. I have a formal education in Digital Media Production and film studies and have been shooting weddings since 2017. I am a Pensacola, Florida native, and Roswell, Georgia transplant. I am a natural redhead, a scorpio, and have had a camera in my hand at all times since I was 14 years old. My passions outside of my wedding videography include wakeboarding, snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with my partner, Doug, and our two dogs! 

I have had a camera in my hand at all times since I was 14 years old.

videographer / drone pilot

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Here are some of Rebekah's photos from weddings she has done with us! 

FUN FACT: She captured my (Peyton)'s sisters wedding!

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Rebekah eloped with her hubby David last year in Taxes! She is a dog and cat mama to her babies Mayla & Geens. She's a traveler at heart and just got back from a tour of Europe!



Surita eloped with her husband, David, in Cleveland GA. She is a mama to two kiddos and a passion for family, food and drinks with a view.


videographer / drone pilot

Hayle is a Florida native but moved to GA with her partner, Doug and their two doggos! Together they love hiking, snowboarding and all things film / video!


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