What to Wear for your Session

When I comes down to choosing outfits for your session, it can be intimidating. Outfits make up a HUGE part of how your photos will come out especially when following a mood board. I’ve seen it all and I am here to help! First things you need to know is this; the most important part of choosing your outfit is that you choose something comfortable and something that feels like you. If you’re messing around with your outfit or feel uncomfortable, you’re going to be more focused on your clothes then our shoot.

Rules I live by:

Be Aware of Designs

I saw this on another ‘What to Wear Post’ but these photos are going to outlive your favorite sports team jersey and that ice cream shop you went to in Myrtle Beach that one time. That means to steer away from outfits with logos, designs and words! Most every time, they are a distraction and look funny if I take your photos are a distance.

Blend But Don’t Match

When choosing outfits for yourself and your partner / family, keep this motto in mind! You want to blend with each other subtly and beautifully. This is easier than you think, trust me! If you have a patterned shirt with a certain color that you enjoy, bring that one color into another outfit. Aka don’t buy a matching pair. This also applies to pants! A good matching jean moment can be a vibe however depending on the location, it can turn out looking tacky (I’ll talk more about this in the next paragraph). This also applies to patterns. Two flannels can look good together but maybe mix it up and do separate patterns. You can also use your pants and shoes to make the looks individual and casual. These are not my photos but they are a good example of what I am talking about:

Understand your Background and the color wheel

Alright, this is important. Depending on your background, some outfits will not look good no matter what! The BEST and perfect way I can describe this is, if you have a busy outfit (lots of patterns, colors, ect) and you have a busy location (city, colorful indoor area, forrest) then your immediately going to clash. If you know you’re headed to a busy place, choose a simple outfit! Another thing is knowing what color your location is giving off. Mountains on the east coast are mostly cool tones; greens and blues. You’ll want to hug those colors to make yourself pop the most! Here is a list of common locations, the colors they give off and if they are generally busy or calm.

  • Blue Ridge Mountains; Calm, Cool Tones
  • Rooftop; Calm, Warm Tones
  • Forrest; Busy, Cool Tones
  • Homes / Studios; Calm, Warm Tones
  • Fields; Busy, Cool Tones
  • Waterfall; Busy, Warm Tones

Please also be aware of your shoes!! I don’t want any twisted ankles or hurt feet for our shoot!

Neutrals are my Favorite!

My photography style is very neutral with warm tones. Warm tones are always safe! Think Browns, Cream, White, Burnt Orange, ect. Don’t forget to take the nuetral tones of any colors you do choose though! This will make the editing accurately capture how the day went and make for more inclusive looking photos!

When choosing your outfits, you can bring TWO to your session!

You can bring options for me to look through or message me for help

Spray Tans & Makeup

A photoshoot is not the time to experiment with makeup and spray tans. Seriously, if you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup, do a couple of trials before to make sure you like it! If you don’t, no worries. Come as you are cause that’s what I want to photograph. When getting a spray tan, be sure that you blend the lines! If you’re doing a boudoir session or planning to do some cute underware / nude shots, make sure you cover your armpits and between your legs! I do minor skin retouching but I cannot easily blend makeup and tans so be hyper aware of that.

For skin retouching my rule is if it won’t be there in two weeks (pimples, scratches, makeup lines) then I will edit it out but if it’s going to stay forever, then I cannot get it out! This includes altering your body.

Here is a link to my ‘What to Wear’ Pinterest Board for Inspo!


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