Boho Forrest Wedding in the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains

boho wedding in the blue ridge mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains, with their majestic peaks and serene beauty, have long been a beloved destination for couples seeking a magical wedding backdrop. Tucked away amidst nature’s splendor, Kelly and Korey celebrated their love in a bohemian-inspired affair that perfectly blended rustic charm and modern elegance. With a breathtaking triangle arch as the centerpiece, their wedding was a celebration of romance, nature, and the boho spirit.

At the heart of the ceremony space stood a stunning triangle arch, adorned with delicate greenery and soft cascading blooms. The triangle arch, a symbol of strength and harmony, perfectly captured the essence of Kelly and Korey’s union. Crafted from natural wood and entwined with fresh flowers, it provided a mesmerizing focal point against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains. The arch not only framed the couple but also served as a symbolic representation of the joining of their lives.

Kelly and Korey had a deep appreciation for the bohemian aesthetic, and their wedding reflected their free-spirited nature. The groom, embracing the boho vibe, opted for a stylish linen suit paired with a handcrafted boutonniere of feathers and wildflowers.

The reception was a whole affair as they danced and drank the night away under the twinkle lights. They opted out of a sparkler exited and light laterns that flew away. They ended their perfect night by jumping into a swimming pool with their bridal party, friends and family.

Venue: Sugaboo Farms

Associate Shot by Laura

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